Spray Foam Insulation: Unique Project Edition

Spray foam is most commonly used to maintain temperatures and healthy environments in residences and commercial buildings. Did you know that spray foam insulation benefits many other industries? Think wine storage, bourbon processing, and beyond!

Storage Container Spray Foam Insulation Texas


From bourbon processing to chemical storage, closed cell spray foam is your best bet if you’re looking to maintain even temperatures in tanks (small to industrial sized), protect them from the elements, AND improve their structural integrity. Applied externally, closed cell creates a weather-tight layer separating the tank contents from external elements.

spray foam wine cellar


Wine connoisseurs know what temperatures to store (and drink!) their favorite wines at like the back of their hand, so having a climate controlled environment is critical to optimally preserve them. Many DIY wine cellars have suffered due to inefficient insulation meaning there’s no proper vapor barrier to protect from humidity, leading to wet insulation, moisture problems, and damaged inventory. Opt for closed cell spray foam for your next wine cellar project for its near-zero air permeability to keep your wine at its best.

Spray foam insulation air seal


You know what they say: Protect your assets! Golfer Doug Coup requested open cell spray foam to protect his enormous (12,000 and counting!) specialty golf ball collection because it’s a climate and moisture control powerhouse. Without it, his most prized asset would’ve been subjected to humidity and temperature fluctuations known to warp objects, even floors!
See full article on Coupe’s collection: https://www.golfdigest.com/story/this-golfers-amazingly-elaborate-display-of-15000-golf-balls-might-be-golfs-most-impressive-amateur-collection-doug-coupe

Spray Foam Insulation Shipping Container Mobile Office


For this general contractor who is always on the move, a mobile office was just the ticket. With a single application of closed cell spray foam, we were able to transform his shipping container into an air tight, waterproof, durable mobile office where both he and his assets could be safe from the elements.

CropStop Commercial Kitchen spray foam insulation


An East Coast college’s CropStop program opted for spray foam insulation in their commercial kitchen. This kitchen serves as a home base for local farmers to prepare and package their produce to deliver to local schools, giving youth access to foods they may otherwise not be able to source. We applied closed cell spray foam to the commercial kitchen-grade, walk-in cooler to keep their temperatures and energy bills low and their produce fresh year round.

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