Upgrade Home Insulation in the Spring to See Savings Sooner

Spring is finally here to relieve us from the uncertainty of winter weather. Milder temperatures make it the perfect time to insulate your home (or office)! Here are the top reasons to add “upgrade home insulation” to your home-improvement list this spring:

Texas Insulation Spray Foam Home Improvement

Reduce Pollen Intrusion

Outdoor irritants like pollen and dust thrive in the spring. They easily make themselves at home in residences without adequate insulation. Spray foam insulation is the best solution to keep irritants in your home to a minimum; it creates a long-lasting air barrier, keeping conditioned air in and pollen-rich air out.

Increased Scheduling Availability 

Most homeowners wait until the summer heat hits the hardest to even book their initial energy efficiency evaluation—not to mention their insulation install! This limits scheduling availability during the hottest months. By scheduling your install when temps are mild, you’re far more likely to get increased availability and flexibility from your installer. Freedom to make your appointment when YOU want it? Yes, please!

See Summer Savings Sooner

The earlier in the year that you upgrade your insulation, the more savings you’ll see this summer! We know there are much better things you’d rather spend your money on this summer: vacations, trips to the beach, etc. Waiting until after temperatures soar means you’ll have sky high energy costs, and a strained HVAC until you’re able to schedule your install. Remember: appointments are hardest to come by when temperatures are at extremes.

Indoor Comfort

Gentle spring temperatures keep your home enjoyably comfortable during an insulation install so that neither your family nor your home are at risk of overheating. However, waiting to upgrade your home insulation during summer leaves your indoor environment vulnerable to overheating and unnecessary discomfort. Schedule an energy efficiency evaluation before summer and your relatives (and pets!) will thank you.

Don’t wait until summer heat rears its ugly head to enjoy energy savings and indoor comfort! Contact the Texas Insulation team today for a prompt—AND FREE—estimate.